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Hello people!

Passing only to share a new song, maybe turn music?!

See you soon!!

Obsessive disbelief

Don’t give me one of this suspicions
I’ve seen that I was wrong to have walked in ways uncertain …

Don’t condenm me for something I made.
I will not make the same mistake …

Don’t give me more of an apology …
Saying that was not doing this or that.

It is easy to say just what was doing …
What was talking about …
Don’t incriminate myself, so I did ..
Just trust me,
Like, when you speak and I believe.

Since when we returned, I knew I would not be easy ..
What will it try to walk forward
If while you talking like that,
It shows that I’m coming to the wrong path?

I just want to know .. that mistake is human,
But to persist in error is dumb.